Trim your waist with a Hula Hoop!




Exactly how does hooping help you lose inches around the waist so quickly?

Many people would assume it's the weight of the hoop making contact with the skin with every rotation.  Actually it takes almost 30 core muscles to keep a hoop in motion around the waist and hips.  Yes!  We have THAT many core muscles!!  When you get the hoop in motion and learn to keep control of it so that you can continuously keep the hoop moving, you are engaging muscles that you just simply don't use in everyday activities. 


There are many different size and weight hoops available on the market.  A 40" diameter hoop that weighs 1.5 lbs is a good fit for any beginner.  It rotates slow enough for an adult to keep the hoop under control and on the flipside it rotates fast enough that it requires you to "shake your stuff" to keep it in motion!


Working your core muscles not only helps to effectively trim your waistline, it also helps strengthen your body to improve your performance in other physical activities that you are already actively participating in!